Pourbox, draft beer outside… anywhere?!

I have to admit this has little to do with cigars, pipes or lighters per say. But for your New Jersey area folks, you can bring draft beer (and tons of it if needed) any where you want to smoke a stogie or your pipe. I saw this article on the Daily Record about this […]

Kiribi Kuboto Black Nickel Lighter

The Kiribi Kuboto Lighter

Kiribi Kuboto Black Nickel Lighter We just performed out review on the Kiribi Kuboto Lighter in Black Nickel finish. First impressions: The lighter was packed well in a sturdy box with a brief history about the Kiribi tradition and how-to instructions. I am very pleased with the finish and appearance. The design is sleek yet […]

New Daniel Marshall 100 Cigar Humidor Leaked | Daniel Marshall Humidor 30100

New Daniel Marshall 100 Cigar Humidor Leaked We heard a roomer that Cigar Manor and Daniel Marshall may have made another exclusive agreement. Although not confirmed, but this great news has come from a very reliable source. The details of whats to come: Cigar Manor will have the exclusive rights to sell a 100 cigar […]


Colibri Quasar Humidor

The Colibri Quasar Humidor by Daniel Marshall We had a look at the Colibri Quasar Humidor out sourced to Daniel Marshall for his obvious high quality work. The Humidor is fantastic, and you will get everything you expect from Daniel Marshall. The solid spanish cedar, the highly durable solid hardwood construction. (interestingly covered in a […]

Vector Mega-Pump Table Top Torch Lighter

WHY GET A VECTOR KGM MEGA-PUMP TORCH? If you are tired of your lighter not being there when you need it, try the Vector Lighters. Vector KMG Torches lighters are a higher quality of lighter that smokers have come to rely on. It comes packaged with a custom-fit black encasing and features a bold, highly attractive […]

Lighter Butane Refill Quality Refined


We are going to cover butane and a few helpful things we have been able to dig up regarding the quality of each manufactures butane product. Please, if we do not cover a type of butane you are interested in, or are looking for us to find out some more information regarding lighter butane, please […]

Xikar Stratosphere Lighter

Xikar Stratosphere Lighter Review The XIKAR Stratosphere high altitude lighters are designed to be used at any elevation to provide a superior light in a highly durable case. The distinct design of the Stratosphere screams rugged durability. The lid protects the mechanisms from wind and moisture, as does the rubber casing. The easy latch lets […]

Xikar Blaze Orange Case Stratosphere

Colibri Talon Lighter QTR761001

Colibri Talon Lighter

Colibri Talon Lighter Cigar Manor sent us a Colibri Talon Lighter for our reviewing. First Impressions. Being avid cigar smokers ourselves, we first came across the Talon when lighting up at one of our local cigar lounges. We noticed a someone using one, including the owner. After this experience we new we needed to get our hands […]

IM Corona Flambeau Lighter

We have recently reviewed the IM Corona Flambeau lighter and are extremely impressed with the piece. We were donated the chrome hairline version from Cigar Manor, which looks amazing. It came packaged in a nice leather type case that is great for storage when not in use, provided great protection during the shipping process and […]

IM Corona Flambeau chrome lines

Bugatti BL-4 Gunmetal

Bugatti BL-4 Torch Lighter

The Bugatti Lighter BL-4 Lighter The Bugatti BL-4 Series lighter is highly attractive with a distinct boldness. It has a tamper proof lid and a convenient built-in cigar punch built into the bottom of the lighter. The business end of the lighter has dual igniters to light your tobacco effortlessly. The Bugatti BL-4 Lighter comes […]