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Vector Mega-Pump Table Top Torch Lighter


If you are tired of your lighter not being there when you need it, try the Vector LightersVector KMG Torches lighters are a higher quality of lighter that smokers have come to rely on. It comes packaged with a custom-fit black encasing and features a bold, highly attractive gun metal finish that says you know your lighters! Vector KMG Torches are well-designed professional lighters for the serious tobacco afficionado. You’ll never have to worry again if your lighter will desert you. You’ll know it will be efficient every time.

Cigarmanor.com is known for its quality of service in everything they offer and they stand behind their products 100%. So you know you are getting quality that is unsurpassed. If you’re a smoker, you know how important this is.


The Vector MegaPump Table Top Torch Lighter would make a great gift too. Even if you don’t smoke, the tobacco lover in your family is sure to appreciate the style and efficiency of this bold, attractive and efficient lighter.  “I’m an expert at this.” And best of all, it never lets you down. You don’t want to wait for your lighter to ignite.

If you are a smoker, you know what I mean! Have you ever been in a conversation with someone, and for added dramatic flair, you stop for just a second and light your cigar or cigarette. How embarrassing is this (and anti-Shakespearean) when you cannot get the torch lit? This will never happen with the Vector Lighters. The Vector MegaPump lighters will be there for you in a dramatic moment, when you want to make a point, or just anytime you don’t want to wait on your tobacco to light!

One of the best things about our lighters is the dual igniters at the end. So it is there when you need it. Gift boxes are available and our packaging is very attractive so gift-receivers will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

We have several different finishes available including:

  • Black
  • Gunmetal Satin
  • Chrome Satin

Choose whichever one you think complements the person you are giving it to the most. Ladies may prefer the chrome satin look, while men may like the gunmetal or black look. The design is superior to other lighters too and comforms perfectly to the hand when using.

Also, unlike other lighters, the Vector KMG Torches and Vector MegaPump lighters come with a complete warranty on parts, to ensure everything is always working as you like it. We also offer several different purchasing options, our items are always in stock and we ship fast straight to you!

So when you get tired of your standard old lighter giving out on you, try ours instead. The Vector Lighters never let you down when you need them and they are a cut above the rest in all aspects of their design, packaging, and functionality. So before you light up, see what we have to offer in this category.

Cigarmanor.com knows lighters and we have the top-quality lighters to prove it. We offer some of the most competitive prices available today on high quality lighters that leave the others in the dark.




Lighter Butane Refill Quality Refined

We are going to cover butane and a few helpful things we have been able to dig up regarding the quality of each manufactures butane product. Please, if we do not cover a type of butane you are interested in, or are looking for us to find out some more information regarding lighter butane, please let us know and we will do the leg work.

So, what is butane? Butane, is either of two isomeric flammable gaseous alkanes C4H10 usually obtained from petroleum or natural gas and used as a fuel. Most butane for cigar lighters is a mixture of of butane as noted above, isobutene , propane and a small amount of air (yup the stuff we breath everyday).  Some lighter butane also contains some C3H8. Nearly all lighter manufactures recommend using their brand of butane with when filling their lighters. Some argue this, others just go with it. Some butane products are made here domestically within the USA, other are made in the UK and Korea.

What is an MSDS? The MSDS, which stands for Material Safety Data Sheet, is very important. It typically covers all safety data regarding this specific butane product. Such as emergency contact information, storage, handling and transportation, exposer, chemical properties, stability and disposal. What we were more interested in was the purity testing of each individual butane. Here is a listing of all butane MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet) reports we were able to get out hands on (graciously given to us by Cigar Manor):

Bernzomatic (Werthington Cylinders – Made in USA)

Blazer (Made in USA)

Colibri (Tonino Lamborghini – Firebird – GC Electronics – Made in USA)

Comoy (Kreteck – Fastfil – Made in USA)

Fastfil (Kreteck – Made in Korea)

Lotus (Integral Style – Black Lable – Vertigo – Porsche – Bugatti)

Lucienne (Made in UK – Keen Limited – Private Label)


Newport (Keen Newport, maker of many private label butanes)

Vector (?)

Xikar (Purofine)

Zippo (?)

Emergency Contact Information. The MSDS typically contains information regarding emergency contact information, whether the guidance is to contact your local poison control or to contact a 24 hour emergency service hotline such as ChemTel.

One last topic we would like to cover regarding marketing of butane. Xikar does a tremendous job covering this, to sum things up butane is frequently marketed as Triple Refined, Quadruple Refined, etc.  Regardless of how many times the butane is actually refined still begins with the product that is actually being refined. The good ol’ saying “Garbage in = Garbage out” definitely stands very true here.

Always follow the manufacturers instructions and recommended cigar lighter and butane use instructions.

In summary, you can now review each MSDS from many of the popular butane manufacturers.


Xikar Stratosphere Lighter

Xikar Blaze Orange Case Stratosphere

Xikar Stratosphere Lighter Review

The XIKAR Stratosphere high altitude lighters are designed to be used at any elevation to provide a superior light in a highly durable case. The distinct design of the Stratosphere screams rugged durability. The lid protects the mechanisms from wind and moisture, as does the rubber casing. The easy latch lets you flip the lid with a push of a button, and the high altitude stable, one touch  flame makes lighting a breeze, even if you are wearing gloves. The easy to adjust flame wheel makes turning your flame up or down into a simple flick of the wrist.

The case on the Xikar Stratosphere lighter makes it easy to hold no matter where you are. The rubberized casing with slight diamond texture grips your hand. A durable nylon lanyard ensures you will not drop this lighter no matter the conditions around you. An easy to see and read fuel tank lets you know when you need to refill. This XIKAR lighter is refilled via a traditional butane port on the bottom of the lighter.

The XIKAR Stratosphere is offered in four brilliant colors, a clear ocean blue, crystal clear, hunter green and basic black. The hunter green color is currently offered as a limited edition in conjunction with a blaze orange Xikar 5 Cigar travel humidor. Buying these two must have items together will save you over ten dollars. The Humidor is designed to the same specifications as the lighter, allowing you to enjoy the best smoke no matter where you go.

Whether you are climbing Mt. Everest, or sitting in your lounge with friends the XIKAR Stratosphere lighter will offer a steady flame perfect for lighting your tobacco product of choice. With the range of colors, men and women alike will enjoy the simple versatility of this lighter.

Thank you to Cigar Manor. This gift bundle was given to use for review by Cigar Manor. Cigar Manor offers exceptional service, excellent prices and extremely fast shipping. If you are in the market for a new lighter or even better, a new travel case and lighter, this bundle should be a top contender.


Colibri Talon Lighter

Colibri Talon Lighter QTR761001

Colibri Talon Lighter

Cigar Manor sent us a Colibri Talon Lighter for our reviewing.

First Impressions. Being avid cigar smokers ourselves, we first came across the Talon when lighting up at one of our local cigar lounges. We noticed a someone using one, including the owner. After this experience we new we needed to get our hands on one. The only decision left to make was was what color we wanted. We ended up receiving the Black Matte Smoke Translucent finish. For those interested it is model number QTR761051.

The fuel reservoir is translucent with an extra large capacity fuel chamber allowing for the ability to see exactly how much butane you have at anytime. No more surprises mid-light for us. This alone made us fall in love with this Colibri lighter! There are a few lighters on the market with extra large capacities, but this is one of the first we have tested.

The aesthetic quality of the sleek design. It is about 3 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide making it a perfect fit in the hand. It tapers slightly toward the bottom where the dial to adjust the flame size is located and also where it is filled port is. Besides being ergonomically designed there are  five little raised dots on the curved ignition push button, this prevents slippage during lighting up.

Ignition System.  Colibri Talon lighters have a Quantum SST torch flame ignition system which helps conserve on the use of the butane. Something that we never mention, but feel the need to here, because it is a torch style butane lighter, the blue hot flame doesn`t actually have to touch the cigar while lighting.

Our experience so far. it can light from about an inch away from the tip of the cigar giving a more even light without chance of burning the outside leaves, lighting your cigar evenly. It is a quintessential cigar lighter. The Colibri Talon lives up to its fine reputation.

Warranty. Colibri offers a two year manufacturer warranty in case of malfunction.

Buying. Cigar Manor is a fully licensed and authorized Colibri dealer. They offer excellent prices, exceptional service and fast shipping. They stock all Colibri products and offer a nice array of color choices.


IM Corona Flambeau Lighter

IM Corona Flambeau chrome lines

We have recently reviewed the IM Corona Flambeau lighter and are extremely impressed with the piece. We were donated the chrome hairline version from Cigar Manor, which looks amazing. It came packaged in a nice leather type case that is great for storage when not in use, provided great protection during the shipping process and would make great presentation as a gift. This lighter is offered in a few other finishes, such as Matte Black, which looks amazing, Chrome with Vertical Lines, Black and Chrome Accents and Black with Hairlines.

In terms of function, this lighter is impressive. IM Corona are known for their excellent, high-quality products that last for years, and this one is no different. Upon ignition, it provides a great light with a strong flame every single time. The chrome finish is surprisingly resistant to scratching as well, especially in regards to keeping the lighter in my pocket next to my keys or thrown in our car console as we did. Not a scratch. Since IM Corona no longer manufactures butane, Cigar Manor also provided us with a bottle of Luceinne Butane which is quadruple refined. We filled up the lighter and it ignited with vengeance. As you could imagine, we are confident that any premium butane such as Lotus, Colibri or Xikar would work just fine.

For a premium lighter the price is is subjective to obviously your budget. Cigar Manor offers this lighter for just a hair over $100, but if you bundle it (they sometimes offer bundle package deals) or time it right, they offer sales rather frequently. Cigar Manor also offers customer appreciation discount codes that they send out around the normal gift giving holidays.

Each lighter is backed by a generous warranty, and their repair service is fast and work is extremely clean, should the need ever arise. While less expensive lighters might do, they won’t provide the lifespan or elegance that is inherent in each IM Corona lighter. IM Corona Lighters are backed by a lifetime warranty and if something doe every happen to breakdown, it will cost you a simple $9 that basically covers the shipping back from the repair. If you are missing parts, it is about $6 per part, for a tamper or fuel lid for example.

Here are some images:

IM Corona Flamebeau black hairlines

IM Corona Flambeau black hairlines

IM Corona Flamebeau black chrome

IM Corona Flambeau black chrome

IM Corona Flamebeau chrome hairlines

IM Corona Flambeau chrome hairlines

IM Corona Flamebeau chrome lines

IM Corona Flambeau chrome lines

IM Corona Flamebeau matte black

IM Corona Flambeau matte black


Bugatti BL-4 Torch Lighter

Bugatti BL-4 Gunmetal

The Bugatti Lighter BL-4 Lighter

The Bugatti BL-4 Series lighter is highly attractive with a distinct boldness. It has a tamper proof lid and a convenient built-in cigar punch built into the bottom of the lighter. The business end of the lighter has dual igniters to light your tobacco effortlessly.

The Bugatti BL-4 Lighter comes packaged in a custom fitted black leatherette box. Gift boxes make a great add-on and offer exceptional presentation.

The BL-4 is offered in three different finishes, Black, Gunmetal Satin and Chrome Satin. The gunmetal satin finish and the grooved surfaces fill the hand like a rugged tool. If you like a “Zippo” type lighter than the Bugatti BL4 is the higher end tool in every way.

The butane injection port is accessed by opening the lighter and removing the inner workings. Next to the injection port is the flame adjustment button. Turn left or right to adjust the flame to suit your needs.

Don’t forget, Integral Style, the manufacturer of Bugatti Lighters, offers an exceptional warranty when purchased from an authorized dealer.

When selecting where to purchase your Bugatti Bl-4, look to trusted retailers with a proven track record of customer service and satisfaction. Competitive pricing, availability, and fast, secure shipping are other factors to keep in mind. Cigar Manor is an authorized and licensed dealer of Bugatti products, offers secure online ordering, and provides customers with free shipping promotions. If ordering online isn’t your thing, Cigar Manor offers prompt and courteous phone ordering as well. Orders are shipped quickly and packaged securely to assure a smooth purchasing experience.